Paul Kelly PhD

Paul Kelly, General Dental Practitioner, set himself an arduous task and the goal was a PhD.  It was a long haul and was completed over 6 years on a part time basis.  His PhD was titled “The strategic role of  innovation in addressing oral health inequalities in primary care organisations in England” and was a qualitative study involving questionnaires and face to face interviews.  He successfully defending his thesis in front of both internal and external examiners.  The result was very emotional for Paul who had given a lot of commitment to his research.  Many of you will know Paul as a stalwart British Dental Association member.  His commitment is highlighted by the fact that he fitted in his BDA duties as well as his dental practice during the PhD.  Paul highly recommends the experience (maybe not all the hard work) and if any dental practitioner wishes to undertake a research study at the University of Birmingham then please contact us via the following web site.  Amaze yourself and be the next Dr Paul Kelly.

The picture shows Paul with one of his supervisors Professor Deborah White.  The others were Dr Kirsty Hill and Dr John Morris.