Opening of Westmere House

Recently I went to the opening of the Westmere Postgraduate facility and was very impressed with what the University have done there.  The Westmere house is beautifully restored and provides a hub for PG students at the University.  Any student can apply to have a PG space there with computer, desk etc.  It also offers many social activities and networking opportunities.  We  wish to encourage our dentistry PG students to apply for desk space in Westmere during their studies, as it will be on the right side of campus for our new Dental School.

Look out for future Friday science lunch meetings there in the coming months as it will be an ideal place for PG conferences/meetings.

The main thanks must go to Cleo White who is one of the Westmere scholars representing the College of Medical and Dental Sciences and as you will see in the attached picture was one of the speakers at the Vice Chancellors opening ceremony for Westmere.  Cleo is a PG student in dentistry supervised by Dick Shelton, Paul Cooper, Gabriel Landini and Owen Addison.